Return Vehicles to Their Rightful Owners

Depend on us for car repossession services in Indianapolis, IN

Are you the lien holder of a vehicle? Whether you work for a car dealership, loan office or insurance company, you probably have the unfortunate job of repossessing vehicles that haven't been paid off. You don't have to go it alone. Turn to Collins Big Dog Towing & Recovery LLC for car repossession services in Indianapolis, IN. As part of our vehicle repossession services, we'll make sure unpaid vehicles get back to the lien holder within three days. If the vehicle has a GPS, then we can get to it within the same day.

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Hassle-free repossession services

Don't have a place for us to take the repossessed vehicle? No worries, we can hold the vehicle on our lot. If no one claims or contacts us about the vehicle, we'll:

Place a lien on the car
Get the title for the car
Sell or junk the car

If the lien holder fails to contact us with a plan for the vehicle, we will begin the three-step process outlined above. Want to learn more about our car repossession services? Contact our team today.